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The MNANP would like to thank our corporate sponsors for their generous support and ongoing commitment to our mission to promote naturopathic medicine in Minnesota.



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Carpe Diem: Our unique farm-to-shelf products enrich the mind and body so you can Seize the Day in complete wellness. We understand and are empathetic to those who cannot live life to the fullest. Therefore, our team is dedicated to solving the growing challenges that affect the mind and body. Seize The Day with us!

Our USDA certified organic soil is located in Otsego, MN. We pride ourselves in being a fully integrated, seed to self Minnesota Grown & Made Carpe Diem CBD company. Our company understands we can't reach the community without the outreach of your trusted community and vision of helping people. We are currently working with over 500 eastern medicine doctors and 3 health sciences universities. In the process of raising funding for a FDA approved Chemo Brain CBD trial with the Integrative Oncology Department at Rochester Mayo and have been honored with the opportunity of building the continuing education programs with regards to the CBD / THC & the Endocannabinoid System, for Northwestern Health Sciences University. 

Carpe Diem’s Story:

We created Carpe Diem in order to genuinely help others. Through our personal family experiences is what shapes our company and drives our journey every day.  For example, we have partnered with Jared Allenʼs Homes for Wounded Warriors non-profit organization. This organization builds specially-adapted homes for veterans who have been critically wounded. We are excited to announce that with every product sold we donate $1.00 to Jared Allenʼs charity organization.


Quality is very important to us, which is why we grow our own CBD. Carpe Diem plants are hand- planted, freshly-grown with organic practices in rich rural Minnesota soil. Our plants and products are third-party tested to ensure a high quality that can be trusted. Our company received our Organic soil certification last Spring and plan on transitioning our whole product line to USDA Organic over the next year. Our farm is 1 of 12 organic hemp farms throughout the Midwest.

We stand by our company values, integrity, education, high quality products and building relationships within the health and wellness community.


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HERON BOTANICALS: We know that the quality of our products rests largely on the freshness and vitality of the plants that find their way to our production facility. Our extensive knowledge of optimal harvest times and processing techniques (passed down to us directly from herbalists, wildcrafters, and apothecaries from an array of Western and Eastern botanical traditions) translates directly into superb herbal extracts.  As a manufacturing facility, Heron Botanicals has always maintained a commitment to mindful energy use and otherwise minimizing the impact we have on the natural environments upon which we are so wholly dependent

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