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Natural Pharmacy Update Event

Natural Pharmacy Update offers complementary and alternative professional education on frequently prescribed pharmaceuticals including: clinical pharmacology, side-effects, and alternatives. This event fulfills the naturopathic requirements for pharmacy CEUs.

Northwestern Health Sciences University has gotten approval for doctors of chiropractic in MN, IA, ND, SD, WI and is approved provider #078 by NCCAOM.

Date: Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 9am-3pm (lunch on your own)

Location: Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2501 W. 84th St., Bloomington, MN

Call 952.885.5446 to register

ND price $75; (DC & acupuncturists add $50 for processing)

Speakers and Lecture Titles:

Improving Case Management and Detox Related Concerns with Functional Medicine

Lee Aberle, ND

Childhood Vaccines: Informing the Patient

Before They Consent

Rebecca Bush, ND

Pharmaceutical and Non-Pharmaceutical Approaches to ADD/ADHD and Anxiety

Bradley Bush, ND

Nitric Oxide Dysfunction in Chronic Disease

Michael Fischer, PhD

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