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Winter CE Event

Please join us March 14th from 2-5:30 for a CE event providing 3 credits (.5 of which is pharmacy) at the Whole Foods Hennepin in Downtown Minneapolis. Light snacks will be provided.

Davis W. Lamson, MS, ND will be speaking on the following topics:

1. “First, it has to be absorbed” – a demonstration that about one of twenty persons in the U.S. have small intestine malabsorption, how to spot this physically, how to verify by lab, and that about 95% are resolvable.

2. “The Thyroid Scheme as Few Know It” – a demonstration from 1092 consecutive thyroid lab profiles as to the need of TSH, T4, T3, and reverse T3 in diagnosing and properly treating hypothyroidism, the reasons for blockage of thyroid hormne effect, and the effect of toxic metal accumulation on thyroid performance.

3. “Autoimmunity – when the protector starts attacking” – recognition of autoimmunity and a plan for initial address to the approximately 300 known autoimmune conditions.

4. “Two Inhaled Natural Medicines for Respiratory Conditions and Infection (and some oral botanicals)” – this is on agents for direct patient treatment, some from published information by the speaker, some yet unpublished, and some from Grandmother, which we either didn’t take seriously or forgot.

Please follow this link to register. You must pre-register to attend this event!

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